Portfolio Description

Mojo Bar


Mojo Bar is a brand of  tasty energy bars that come in unique variants like Choco Almond & protein, Yogurt berry & antioxidants,  Nutty Apricot & fibre & more.
The brand had a very strong positioning “The deliciously healthy snack”. To help increase visibility of the brand and aid marketing efforts, we created a set of digital collaterals for use on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as part of the social media marketing strategy. The collateral boldly extends and establishes the brand’s health & taste balance, on-the-move snack thought while creating a consistent brand experience across media.

We designed a few campaigns to promote their Nationwide launch through Amazon, Diwali Packs, highlight their super ingredients that they rightly call ‘Mojo Heroes’ & many more motivational thoughts. As result, the engagement on their social media platforms increased greatly followed by numerous orders online.