Portfolio Description



Jiwa means connection between food health & life. Jiwa is a brand of Healthy attas & foods with truly unique recipes prepared by traditional atta manufactures since 50 years. They work to create unique blends using only the highest quality ingredients. Jiwa’s core product line is made up of products like Diabetic care atta, Blood pressure care atta, Fitness atta, Slimming atta & many more.


Creating their packaging design was a challenge ’cause we had to combine two varied facts, one being ‘Jaisa ann waisa mann’ – the brand belief & other being that they were a range of premium foods with a niche market. Contributing right from the photography, we designed a clean grid that could be adapted across variants to create a brand recall on the shelves & later.
Later, we took these values to a beautiful eCommerce website (See it here), giving them a platform to directly sell their unique blends.