Portfolio Description

Bake House


Bake House is a sub brand of Rajasthan’s Radhe Radhe – a food super store based in Darbhanga, Bihar. It serves delicious cookies, breads, donuts, cakes, cupcakes and pastries. The idea was to give Bake House its own brand identity while strengthening and echoing the values and message of the parent brand. We conceptualised the logo, nomenclature and packaging design.

We designed 4 different types of packaging for the brand. The grid pattern was incorporated into packaging for over the counter products like donuts. We used a combination of dark colours and the grid pattern for the packaging of premium products like Cashewnut (Kaju) cookies. The packaging for our regular cookies has a playful twist to it with the use of doodles and bright colours. The final packaging design was conceptualised with the aim on focusing only on the products inside, hence the cookie jar window was incorporated into the box. The design exercise also ensured that brand can be taken forward as a stand-alone bakery chain.