Portfolio Description

Level T – The Rooftop Lounge


Level T is the first ever rooftop lounge in Darbhanga, Bihar. Part of the famous Rajasthan Group, the lounge offers diners a memorable dining experience comprising of live barbeque, live music & performances, live match screenings and a mocktail lounge. Since Level T is located in a tier 3 city, the challenge given to us by the client was to design a brand identity that was on par with a quirky lounge in a tier 1 city while adhering to local sensibilities.

We used earthy colours to give the brand a more trendy and upscale look and complement the interiors of the lounge. We incorporated different patterns into the menu and coaster designs to make them stand out. Hinglish phrases were used in the collaterals as they add an element of fun and quirkiness along with being relatable to the young crowd that the lounge predominantly caters to. We recommended the use of mediums like MDF, textured paper, etc to print the collaterals on as it added to the earthy, grungy look of the brand.